International conference in Moscow: The Turkish regime terrorizes civilians in Syria

Moscow, SANA-The participants in the international conference on “preventive military operations and double standards” affirmed that the continued agression by Turkish regime against Syria terrorize civilians and expose them to the danger of mass displacement.

The conference is organized by Moscow State University and the Public Diplomacy Fund with the participation of representatives from many countries, including Syria, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, China, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Russia, Sudan and Azerbaijan.

The participants unanimously agreed that the peoples of Syria and Iraq have an ancient history and lived for thousands of years in the lands that the Turkish regime seeks to seize and displace their inhabitants.

The participants stressed that the Russian special military operation in Ukraine is purely defensive in nature due to the direct threat to the security of the Russian state and comes to protect the people from genocide and liberate the lands that historically belonged to the Russian lands.

The participants stressed that the United States and its allies are working to turn Ukraine into a starting point for political and military confrontation with Russia, indicating that the real conflict between Russia and Ukraine was prepared from abroad.

MHD Ibrahim/Shaza Qreima

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