Interior Ministry marks 72nd anniversary of the Internal Security Forces Day

Damascus, SANA-the Interior Ministry marked the 77nd anniversary of the Internal Security Forces Day which commemorates the parliament’s guards and security members killed by the French occupation in May 29th of 1945.

Addressing the ceremony Interior Minister, Maj. Gen. Mohammad al-Rahmoun, said “Syrian people realize that current terrorism, criminality, killing, destruction and coercive measure are nothing but a continuation of colonial ambitions aimed at fragmenting Syria”.

“Syria to defend its fair causes and rights, deriving its strength from the will of the its people and leadership”. The minister added

Minister al-Rahmoun met the Speaker of People’s Assembly, Hammoudeh Sabbagh who stressed the importance and symbolism of the occasion, particularly in light of the global war that was waged against their country, and said ” Syria was able to defeat the forces of global evil thanks to the courage of the army, the internal security forces, the blood of the martyrs and the wisdom of the leadership,”.

MHD Ibrahim/Amer.H.Dawa

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