Moment by moment… The 16th day of Russian special operation to protect Donbas

Putin to Lukashenko: Some positive developments in talks between Moscow and Kiev

Russian Defense Ministry announces destroying four command centers, 63 arms depots, three air defense systems, in addition to downing three Ukrainian drones.

Russian Defense Ministry: Mariupol is sieged and streets are mined by nationalists.

State Duma investigates into biological laboratories in Ukraine

Putin to Lukashenko: Some positive changes in Russia-Kiev talks

Putin: Handing over the weapons seized in Ukraine to authorities in Donetsk and Luhansk

Russian Defense forces disable more than 3,200 Ukrainian military facilities since the start of the operation

Russian Defense: Disable of two military airports in Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, western Ukraine.

Russian Defense: Our forces targeted, with high-delicate weapons, a number of Ukrainian military facilities this morning, and the total destroyed targets amounted to 3,213 facilities since the start of the operation.

Russian Defense Ministry: Donetsk forces declare full control over Volnovakha city

Russian Defense: Three Ukrainian 3 Mi-24 helicopters and eight drones were shot down in 24 hours.

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