Charities in Hasaka provide educational services after QSD militia’s seizure of schools

Hasaka, SANA- A number of charities in Hasaka province dedicated their services to educational aspect with the aim of continuing the educational process in Hasaka according to the curricula of the Ministry of Education and to accommodate the largest number of students after US occupation-backed QSD militia had seized the schools there.

The charities in Hasaka and Qamishli carried out free educational courses for students to compensate the educational loss and help the students’ parents by alleviating the financial burdens incurred by them as a result of following paid courses.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elias Hanna Association in Qamishli said that the association targeted 90% of its assistance to support the education and pay school fees in private schools for all students in 2020 in the city.

He indicated that the free educational courses included Maths , Arabic , English and French languages , Biology, Physics, and Chmistry, in coordination with the Education Directorate.

In turn, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Syria al-Yamama Association in Hasaka city Saeed al-khidr said that 11 centers in the government school were assigned to compensate the educational loss, including six centers in Hasaka, and five others in Qamishli over two days of the week for four months.

Director of Hasaka Education Directorate, Elham Surkhan underlined the importance of carrying out the educational courses for all the students of basic and secondary stages, especially after QSD militia had seized nearly 2000 schools and transfer them to headquarters depriving thousands of students from education.

Shaza Qreima

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