Russian source: Syrian opposition’s representation in Moscow meeting is good

Moscow, SANA-A Russian diplomatic source said Thursday “the Syrian opposition” will have a good representation in the consultative meeting, expected to be held in Moscow next week.

“The Syrian government has affirmed determination to engage in the consultations as a Syrian government delegation will come to Moscow later, the source said in a statement, adding that at the beginning, a meeting will gather opposition figures and representatives of civil society, and then a Syrian government delegation will join them.

It affirmed that a lot of “serious organizations” which have their followers, particularly those inside Syria, had confirmed they will attend.

The source said Moscow relies on the participation of more than 30 figures from the opposition in the consultative meeting which will be also attended by representatives of the Syrian government.

It added that the so-called “Coalition” has officially rejected the invitation, taking into consideration that Moscow sent the invitations to all in a personal matter, but the coalition doesn’t represent the whole opposition.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday that the aim of the consultative meeting is to help prepare for a new round of talks among the Syrian parties.

Mazen Eyon

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