Army pushes ahead with military operations, inflicts heavy losses on terrorists

Provinces, SANA-Units of the Army and Armed Forces repelled on Thursday terrorist attacks against villages in some areas and killed many of them, mostly of non-Syrian nationalities.


Units of Army and Armed Forces eliminated many terrorists and destroyed their ammo and weapons in Naba’ al-Sakher and Um Battina towns and villages in Quneitra countryside.

A unit of Army and Armed Forces targeted terrorist gatherings and killed many of them during a special operation in al-Hamidia village west of Quneitra.

Damascus Countryside

A unit of Army and Armed Forces killed many terrorist organizations’ members, injured others and razed a den belonging to them in Hasno village in Damascus Countryside, according to a military source.


In Daraa, an Army and Armed Forces’ unit repelled a terrorist attack on Namir town, 22 km northwest of Daraa, killing many of terrorists, injuring others and destroying their weapons and ammunition in Daraa countryside.

The source added that an army unit carried out a special operation in Gleen village, 25 km to the west of Daraa city, causing the death of many terrorists, injuring others and destroying a car they were using for movement.

In the eastern neighborhood of Busra al-Sham, a military source said that unit of Army and Armed Forces clashed with members of terrorist organizations, killed many of them, injured others and destroyed their equipment.


Units of Army and Armed Forces eliminated terrorists in Rahoum, Unq al-Hawa and Rajem al-Qaser villages in Homs countryside, also repelling a terrorist attack in Kurmus village.

A military source said that a unit of Army killed and injured members of terrorist group during their attempt to infiltrate to Marasiya in Tal Kalakh area on the Syrian-Lebanese borders.


Army units destroyed two dens for terrorist organizations and killed tens of their members, among them Abu Abdallah the Chechen, Abu Juhina the Sniper, Abu Sulima and Abu al-Baraa, all of the Chechen nationality, in Idleb countryside.
A unit of Army and Armed Forces targeted a den for terrorist organizations, according to a military source which confirmed the death of ten terrorists during the operation and the injury of scores others. Mohamed Abad al-Qadir was indentified among the dead.

In Jisr al-Shughour area, a unit of Army and Armed Forces targeted a terrorist den , killing all terrorists inside it and destroying three vehicles equipped with heavy machine-guns. Among the killed terrorists was Abd al-Karim Wali and Mustafa Mastto.

The source pointed out that an Army unit destroyed a vehicle equipped with heavy machine gun and killed several terrorists in Sarmin town.

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