People’s Assembly Speaker, Foreign Minister meet IPU Secretary General

Damascus, SANA – Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Secretary General Martin Chungong voiced his support for Syria in its war against terrorism.

Chungong was speaking during his meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem in Damascus on Sunday, with the talks touching upon the international parliamentary relations.

It is absolutely important that the parliamentarians, in their position as representatives of the peoples in the world, be familiar with the reality of what is taking place in any part of land where there is a conflict, said al-Moallem.

Syria, he added, is particularly a case here where a globally-devised conspiracy is targeting its people and civilization.

Talks during the meeting also tackled the issue of combating terrorism and the need that international efforts in this regard be unified as well as the role which the parliamentarians could play in clarifying the dangers of terrorism on the regional and international security.

In this context, Chungong, who is accompanied by a delegation, noted that what is happening in the world proves the reality of the dangers which extremist terrorism poses to the stability of the entire world.

Syria’s keenness to continue fighting terrorism which has been ravaging it since about four years was reiterated by al-Moallem in the course of the meeting.a

The Minister, however, highlighted the necessity that the countries which are backing terrorism abide by the Security Council’s relevant Chapter VII resolutions, referring particularly to resolutions no. 2170 and 2178.

Al-Moallem took the opportunity to explain to IPU Secretary General the importance of the local reconciliations being achieved in Syria.

In the same context, Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham met with Chungong and discussed with him efforts to rally and unite international efforts to confront terrorism and extremism.

Al-Laham said that Syria is always open to cooperate with good efforts that have honest intentions to help the Syrians overcome the crisis and stem the tide of terrorism, noting that during the past three years, the People’s Assembly managed to open communication channels with the IPU due to the latter’s good intentions and its efforts to benefit the regions.

He said that those who want the best for Syria should help expand reconciliation in dialogue in it, as the Syrian state is open to national opposition that rejects terrorism, violence, and foreign interference.

For his part, Chungong said that Syrians alone can resolve the crisis in Syria by pursuing a political solution and embracing reconciliation and dialogue, affirming the IPU’s readiness to help in this regard, adding that resolving the crisis requires ending violence in Syria.

The Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee and the National Reconciliation Committee at the People’s Assembly also met with Chungong, discussing with him means to enhance cooperation in order to resolve the crisis in Syria.


Chungong said his visit aims to witness the reality on the ground in Syria and relay it to the IPU to see how it can help resolve the crisis, which he said is a primary concern for the Union, which he said should send a special delegation comprised of its members to witness firsthand what is happening in Syria.

He stressed the need to realize reconciliation and dialogue among Syrians to end bloodshed and restore unity to the Syrian society.

For her part, head of the Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee Fadia Deeb hoped that the truth about what is happening in Syria will be relayed in a transparent manner to the world’s parliaments, and that joint action will lead to ending the crisis.

In turn, head of the National Reconciliation Committee Omar Osi underlined the Committee’s efforts across the country to carry out reconciliation, deliver humanitarian aid to those who need it, and address the issue of missing, detained, and abducted people.

Haifa Said / Hazem Sabbagh

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