Rebellion by Daesh terrorists in QSD-controlled prison in Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA- Acts of chaos and riot broke out in QSD-controlled Industrial Secondary School prison, which includes thousands of prisoners from Daesh “ISIS” terrorists in Hasaka City, and that was followed by staging a rebellion inside the prison and attacks with the militia’s gunmen, according to local sources.

Local sources told SANA that the state of rebellion and chaos inside the prison coincided with the hovering of US helicopters over the area for more than two hours and throwing thermal balloons.

The sources indicated that the rebellion erupted after the arrival of a group of US occupation army, including investigators and specialists in the field of negotiation, to the prison to transfer a group of terrorist organization members detained inside the prison to the US bases in the countryside of the province.

The prisons, which are controlled by the US occupation forces – backed QSD militia, and which include thousands of terrorists, witness riot acts and rebellions from time to time, ending with the US occupation transferring Daesh terrorists who are being held inside prisons to its bases in different areas of the Syrian al-Jazeera region and to its base in al-Tanf on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

Bushra Dabin /Hala Zain

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