Memos on managing institutions for troubled girls and improving psychological support efforts signed

Damascus, SANA – The Ministry of Social Affairs and the Evangelical Christian Endeavor Union of Syria and Lebanon Church singed a memo of understanding (MoU) to manage the Institute for Troubled Girls and Wahet al-Amal Center in Bab Musala in Damascus with the aim of providing health and educational care for troubled young women.

The memo stipulates for providing educational experts and psychologists in order to ensure best services to residents in the two institutions, in addition to providing care, protection, and legal advice to the girls.


Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat stressed the importance of benefiting from the expertise of the civil community with the aim of improving the level of services provided to troubled girls and contributing to their rehabilitation to become effective members in building their society.

Head of the Christian Union Church, Rev. Edward Awabdeh, noted that the objective of volunteer and humanitarian work is to reach the affected people and those who are in need to alleviate their suffering.

In a relevant context, the Ministry also signed another MoU with the Development and Relief Center affiliated to the Syriac Catholic Diocese in Damascus to train civil associations for providing social and psychological support to people with disabilities or establishing micro enterprises to benefit the associations.

The signatories underlined the importance of cooperation and coordination between the governmental and civil organizations to improve the level of services provided to the targeted demographics.

Rasha Raslan / Hazem Sabbagh

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