Syrian expatriate runner Imad Barakat ranks fourth in Italy Half Marathon

Rome, SANA- Syrian expatriate runner Imad Barakat ranked 4th in Italy’s Half Marathon above 58 years category, with participation of 700 runners.

Barakat told SANA reporter that he is preparing to unprecedented adventure to run continuously from Slovakia to Damascus, a distance estimated at 3700 km, passing through tens of European cities raising the Syrian flag to convey a message of peace and love from Syria to the world.

Runner Barakat was born in Damascus in 1963 and moved in 1999 to live in Slovakia. Despite holding Slovak citizenship, he insists on representing his homeland, Syria, in international marathons and raising its flag in all competitions.

He won title of the 250-km Marathon des Sables, held in southern Morocco in 2013, came in the 2nd place at the 165km Oman Desert Marathon for 4 times, ranked the 4th place at Austria International Marathon for a distance of 75 km and the 7th place for seven years in the Marathon competitions held in Slovakia and others European countries.

Shaza Qriema

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