China: Any humanitarian aid for Syria must pass through its government

Geneva, SANA- China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun has stressed that any humanitarian aid provided by the international community must pass through the Syrian government and the principle of respect for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In his speech during a session of the Security Council yesterday, Zhang reiterated his country’s firm stance that the international community should provide its humanitarian assistance to Syria on the basis of respecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity, not politicizing the issue, and ensuring neutrality and transparency.

China’s Representative also renewed his country’s call to immediately lift the coercive unilateral measures imposed by Western countries on Syria and help it restore normal life on its entire territory.

“These devastating coercive measures imposed on the Syrians have severely harmed the economic and social development in Syria, exacerbated the humanitarian crisis for the Syrian people and weakened the government’s ability to respond to COVID-19,” he said.

He pointed out that the sanctions have caused shortages in foodstuffs, fuel, medicines and medical materials, all in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, stressing that “improving the humanitarian situation requires joint global efforts and a comprehensive approach.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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