Conclusive evidence shows US involvement in training and arming terrorists to carry out attacks in Syria

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian Military Public Prosecution reiterated that occupation of large areas of Syrian territory by the US and establishment of military bases and airports constitute a military aggression in the eyes of international law and the UN Charter.

“The US crossed border of the Syrian Arab Republic, which is a sovereign state and an original and founding member of the United Nations, occupied large areas of the country’s territory, and set up military bases and airports ,which constitutes, according to International Law, an aggression and a military occupation, ”said the Military Public Prosecution in a statement broadcast on Syria TV channel.

The statement said that the US did not receive the consent of the Syrian government and was not authorized by the Security Council, nor is it in a state of legitimate self-defense against the Syrian state, which contradicts the UN General Assembly Resolution 3314 of 1974.

The statement added that the US resorted to use agents on the ground , some of them were Syrians who agreed to work for it, and others were foreigners brought from different parts of the world , in which the US trained , armed , and funded them to carry out attacks on the Syrian and Russian military personnel , and experts from the friendly countries invited by the Syrian state to participate in the defense of its sovereignty and independence in the face of the fierce attack against it.

The statement stressed that the illegitimate US presence on the Syrian territory is a major factor of instability and impeds the political settlement of the crisis in the country.

The statement underlined that Washington’s allegations regarding combating terrorism have become exposed and the presence of its forces in Syria is to maintain its armed terrorist groups , including Daesh (ISIS), and others terrorist groups in order to achieve its interests in the region ,far from the interests of the Syrian people, not to mention the theft of the Syrian resources of gas and wheat and transporting them outside the border , in a precedent that this world has not witnessed since the World War II.

“The Military Public Prosecution as an integral part of the criminal justice system in Syria professionally documented the events with evidence resulting from a precise recognition process and investigations carried out by the units and organs of the Syrian Armed Forces in recent years,” the statement noted.

“The investigations showed with conclusive evidence that the Washington selected large numbers of terrorists , some of them from Daesh terrorists detained in prisons of groups loyal to Washington and transported them to its military bases at al-Tanf and other bases where they received intensive military training lasts three weeks under the supervision of US instructors to train them to carry out subversive and terrorist attacks and to use modern reconnaissance equipment and means,” the statement said.

The statement pointed out that statements of some those militants and their leaders confirmed that they participated, in exchange for money, in carrying out direct attacks and assassinations against Syrian and Russian officers and soldiers, noting that the Military Public Prosecution investigation’s is still underway to determine the extent to which US special services are directly involved in managing such attacks on the ground.

The statement included a number of photographs showing a number of terrorists along with a US trainer training them on the use of American-made TOW missiles and 82 mm caliber mortars.

It also shows a number of footages of a joint patrol carried out by terrorists alongside the US soldiers in al-Tanf area on the Syrian-Jordanian border, in addition to joint night exercises between terrorists and US forces on the use of night vision binoculars and modern reconnaissance methods.

The statement also included confessions of some field leaders and terrorists who admitted that terrorists who acknowledged having received training from the US forces.

The statement stressed that what it presented in its statement is only the tip of the iceberg, and now we have conclusive evidence of crimes of terrorists affiliated to extremist armed groups that receive US support, allowing us to directly accuse the US or its role in preparing and implementing terrorist operations in the territory of a sovereign State and member of the United Nations.

Haybah Sleman/Shaza Qriema




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