QSD militia kidnaps 20 young men from Raqqa city and its countryside

Raqqa, SANA- US occupation-backed QSD militia kidnapped a number of youths from Raqqa city and its countryside to recruit them forcibly in its ranks.

Local sources told SANA that QSD militia gunmen set armed checkpoints at the entrance and exits of Raqqa city and its countryside, kidnapped more than 20 youths and took them to its camps to force them to fight in its ranks.

The sources pointed out that QSD militia has intensified its operations against the youths to force them to join it and fight in its ranks in an attempt to face the increasing attacks against it in the Syrian al-Jazeera which caused the killing of scores of its gunmen and injury of hundreds of others in the last months and inflected heavy losses upon it in military equipment.

Hala Zain

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