Competent authorities uncover weapons and ammunition left behind by terrorists in Homs northern countryside

Homs, SANA- Competent authorities found amounts of weapons and ammunition left behind by terrorists in the northern countryside.

SANA reporter in Homs Said Monday that during their combing and clearing campaigns of the northern countryside of the remnants of the terrorist organizations, the competent authorities uncovered amounts of weapons and ammunition, some are western-made ones.

The weapons uncovered included 188 automatic rifles, 7 machineguns, 114 12,5 ammo boxes, 18 14,5 ammo boxes, 148 B-9 rounds, 101 mortar shells, 60 chargers, 4 mortar shells valves boxes.

During completing their combing operations of the liberated villages, the competent authorities, in cooperation with units of the Syrian Arab Army, found, over the past months, several caches and warehouses of weapons and ammunition left behind by terrorist organizations.

Hala Zain



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