Pistachio production for the season 2020 estimated at about 65 thousand tons

Damascus, SANA- The Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform said that Syria’s production of pistachio for the year 2020 was estimated at nearly 65 thousand tons.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Director of the pistachio office at the Ministry, Jihad Mohammad, said that the cultivated area distributed over several provinces, where Aleppo which constitutes 40% of the total cultivated areas came first, followed by Hama which form 35 %, then Idleb and Damascus countryside 5% for each, in addition to Homs which started to witness spread of pistachio agriculture in the recent years.

In terms of production, Hama came first as it produced 31877 tons, followed by Idleb with 16276 tons, then Aleppo 15372 tons, Homs 870 and Sweida 525 tons, according to the Ministry statistics.

It is noteworthy that Syria is at the fourth rank in the world in pistachio production, and Hama is the most productive province as it covers about half of the production in the country.

Baraa Ali / Shaza Qriema

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