Plastic artist Mustafa …artistic experiment based on history and myths

Tartous, SANA –Rich and artistic experiences embodied by sculptor, Munzer Mustafa, in his artistic works since childhood, through which he reflects his inner world and feelings, transforming them by his way into unique tangible sculptures in order to spread art as a humanitarian message that provokes hope, giving and pleasure in the souls of people.

Mustafa told SANA that he has taught the art of sculpture by nature since childhood, adding that he used to choose a stone and hold it with his both hands, so he began to sculpt via various forms, starting from his subconscious in choosing the shape, using a simple tool such as knife, surpassing his modest artistic workshop and simple tools, but he presented the most beautiful and wonderful masterpieces.

Mustafa, who has embodied a realistic and expressive character with his sculptures in addition to the abstract, elaborates that he tends to the realistic character because it reflects his relationship with human, nature and the environment in which he lives, but he later tended to combine between two characteristics by portraying the feelings and mysteries of human being in the form of a sculpture that is only lack a tongue and soul to talk.

 “The artist should get acquainted with the history of art, beauty and mythology to create a general idea in his imagination, as the imagination feature dates back to myths and its history has been existed since ancient times,” Mustafa added.

He stressed that the art of sculpture represents a message to revive the heritage, particularly as this art has a long-standing presence in the Syrian civilizations.

As for the female domination on most of his sculptures, Mustafa said that he considers this issue as an appreciation for the woman’ beauty, generosity and compassion.


Hybah/ Mazen Eyon

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