Explosive device planted by terrorists in Hasaka city dismantled

Hasaka, SANA- The competent authorities on Sunday dismantled a 50-kg explosive device planted by terrorists at the end of al-Mahata street in Hasaka city.

A source at Hasaka Police Command told SANA that “The explosive device has been stuffed with 50 kgs of the TNT and it was ready to be detonated through a remote control”.

On the other hand, the source affirmed that two terrorists were killed in the area of Abu Hajar to the north of Hasaka city after their motorcycle exploded while they were trying to plant an explosive device in it.

On Sunday morning, a car bomb stuffed with 300 kgs of high explosives was also dismantled. The car was parked in front of Teachers’ Syndicate in Hasaka city in the northeastern area.
R. Jazaeri/ Barry

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