plastic forum for people with special needs in Abu Rummaneh culture Center

Damascus, SANA- In order to shed light on the people with disabilities, the House of Arabic Calligraphy and Arts Society, in cooperation with the Oriental Arts Studio, held a plastic art forum entitled “Pain .. Hope” for four days in the garden of the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh.

The topics, methods and techniques of the artists participating in the forum, which was concluded on Monday, varied through paintings that embodied the vision of each of them for the world of people with disabilities and the extent of their will and determination to overcome the obstacles that encountered them.

Regarding the forum, plastic artist Reem Kabtan, head of the Arabic Calligraphy and Arts Association, said in a statement to SANA, “We wanted through this event in the center’s garden to be closer to people, whether visitors or passers-by, to illuminate the world of people with disabilities and to portray their ability to transcend their situation.

 Bushra/Manar/ Mazen

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