Qarrsa village… opened museum that dates back to Bronze Age

Sweida, SANA-Qarrasa village, located in the northwestern countryside of Sweida province, is rich with its antiquities and monuments that date back to thousands of years, is an opened museum including historical monuments and archaeological finds, some of which date back to the Bronze Age.

Head of Sweida Antiquities’ Department, Nasha’at Kewan, said that the region is known with its human settlement on shape of small villages included of eight round houses where the discovered houses indicate to human groups that inhabited the region who were civilized and knew the cultivation of grains and the domestication of cows and goats.

 Kewan added that the presence of Qarrasa spring helps the human settlement in this area where the village has displaced to the northern hill since four thousand years BC and settlement began in the southern hill about 2500 years BC, its inhabitants participated in establishing the first cities, as the human settlement continued in it until 200 AD and before About 650 years from the present time.

 He underlined that a group of beautiful houses have preserved its walls which are still in good status and several of Well-preserved clay pots were discovered.

The works of the excavation and archaeological survey carried out by the joint Syrian-French mission during the years of 2009 and 2010 at the archaeological site of Tal Qarrasa had discovered that the small villages, which were found and date back to about 11 thousand years, constitute  a clear example of the first of urban life models in prehistoric times.

Hybah Sleman /Mazen

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