Turkish occupation targets with artillery vicinity of Abo Rasin in Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA-Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from terrorist groups on Sunday attacked with artillery Abo Rasin town in Hasaka northwestern countryside.

The occupation repeated attacks aim at putting pressures on civilians and terrifying them to leave their villages and towns.

Local sources told SANA reporter that the Turkish occupation forces and the terrorists fortified near the Turkish borders launched an attack with artillery on al-Nwehat and Qaper Khadrawi villages and the vicinity of Abo Rasin town to the east of Ras al-Ayn city in Hasaka northwestern countryside.

The sources pointed out that the shelling caused material damage to the properties of people in addition to spreading a status of panic and fear among them.

On Saturday, Turkish occupation forces and the terrorist organizations linked to them targeted, from their fortified positions in the neighboring occupied villages, with rocket and artillery shells homes of the villages of al-Khaldiya and Hoshan in the town of Ayn Issa, northern Raqqa.

The attack caused material damage to several houses and agricultural lands.

Hybah / GH.A.Hassoun

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