QSD militia kidnaps 7 civilians from Raqqa and Hasaka countryside

Hasaka/ Raqqa, SANA- US-occupation-backed QSD militia continued their crimes against the civilians and kidnapped 7 civilians from the northern countryside of Raqqa and eastern countryside of Hasaka.

Local sources told SANA that a number of militants affiliated to QSD militia cordoned one neighborhood of Ain Issa town in Raqqa northern countryside and kidnapped three youths and took them to camps to fight in the ranks of the militia.

In Hasaka countryside, the sources said that members of QSD militia kidnapped four youths after storming into one of the houses in al-Houl town, east of Hasaka, asserting that they also carried out storming campaigns in al-Shaddadi city, to the south of the province.

On Tuesday, hundreds of al-Shaddadi locals took to the street in condemnation and protest against the QSD militia crimes and the US occupation forces.

Nisreen Othman /Hala Zain

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