The Polish Cultural Center celebrates the works of plastic artist Abeer Al-Assad

Warsaw, SANA- The Cultural Center in the Polish capital Warsaw celebrates the works of Syrian plastic artist Abeer Al-Assad through a solo gallery entitled “Amber.. Warmth of the Autumn” which includes 33 paintings representing nature, with oil and acrylic techniques, expressive and impressionistic styles, and in various volumes .

Regarding the gallery organized by the Ministry of Culture in Poland, plastic artist Abeer said in a statement to SANA “I chose this title for the exhibition because Poland is famous for its amber and beautiful nature, in addition to the warmth of the autumn season in the colors of nature”.

She elaborated that most of the exhibition’s works embody nature in several forms, in addition to three works that express nature, drawn from the impact of the Corona pandemic, along with a number of eastern themes of a Syrian character, due to its desire to have Syria present in the exhibition.

Abeer affirmed that the exhibition aims to develop the cultural rapprochement between Syria and Poland so that its people and the European people in general get to know the Syrian art, which expresses the civilization of our people and their country full of artists who spread beauty and art all over the world despite all the unjust war and media misleading campaigns and distortion of facts.

The gallery, described by Abeer as an invitation for love and peace, lasts until the 3rd of next month. It witnessed a remarkable turnout upon its inauguration from the Syrian and Arab communities in Poland, along with the audience of Polish art.

Nisreen Othman/ Mazen Eyon


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