Sweida production of plum expected to reach at 130 tons

Sweida, SANA- The Directorate of Agriculture in Sweida estimated that production of plum crop for the current season to reach about 130 tons, the majority of them are rainfed.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Director of Agriculture Directorate in Sweida, Ayham Hamed said that the plum production for the current season is good and better than the previous season due to the abundant rainfalls and the availability of suitable climatic conditions during this current season.

He pointed out that the total areas cultivated with plum in the province amounted to 960 dunums, including 37,000 trees, out of which 30,000 are fruitful distributing in different areas of the province.

Sweida province produced in the previous year 102 tons of plum.

Hybah / Shaza

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