Food of our own making project aims at ensuring job opportunities and additional income

Damascus, SANA- “Our food is our own making” a goal that has proven its efficiency through the experience of food manufacturing units’ project, which provides an additional income of about SYP 150,000 per month to each benefiting families, and the experience has expanded to include 142 manufacturing units in 9 provinces.


Yahya al-Mohammad told SANA in a statement that the project is considered as an important and integrated production ring that connects the home gardens production with the market, through manufacturing and selling this production in the seasons of increasing demand.

Al-Mohammad added the project is a long-term sustainable project that can be developed and expanded in the field of manufacturing and production, asserting that the project has become an independent project which provides an additional income of a bout SYP 150,000 per a month for each beneficiary families.

The project, which is carried out in cooperation between the UN World Food Program WFP and the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Agriculture under the supervision of the Ministry of agriculture and Agrarian Reform aims at preserving job opportunities and additional income to the poor families in the countryside which have been affected by the war on Syria, in addition to spreading the idea of the collective work among them.

The project started with 5 units that have been expanded into 142 units in 9 provinces, including 27 in Hama, 27 in Homs, 27 in Lattakia, 7 in Tartous, 5 in Daraa, 13 in Sweida, 4 in Quneitra, 3 in Aleppo and 29 in Damascus Countryside, according to al-Mohammad.

The participants expressed pleasure on the collective work and partnership, asserting the hope to expand the work to include all kinds of food materials.

Hala Zain

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