Russia condemns terrorists’ practices in Idleb and preventing students from taking exams

Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned the continuous crimes of the terrorist groups against the civilians in Idleb and the prevention of the students to apply for the exams of the basic and high school certificates.

In a statement on Friday, The Ministry pointed out to the assaults of the terrorist groups on the vehicles that are transporting the students from Idleb to Hama to take their exams, saying that this constitutes ” a clear evidence on the arbitrariness of the armed groups in Idleb who intimidate the civilians and commit crimes and illegal acts”.

The statement stressed that obstructing the freedom of movement of the civilians is considered as a “flagrant violation of the international humanitarian law”.

SANA reporter at the corridor of Trinba ,west of Saraqeb city, said that Erdogan’s regime-backed terrorist organizations have kept preventing more than 2600 of Idleb’s students who gathered in Nairab town coming from various areas of the province, from exiting to Hama to take their exams and seized their bags and personal items including their identity cards.

The reporter added that the terrorist groups have assaulted the vehicles’ drivers who were supposed to transport the students and seized their identity cards and vehicles.

The Ministry added that the terrorists are preventing the children in Idleb not only from the freedom of movement stipulated in the article No.13 of the Universal Declaration of the Humanitarian Law but also from their right to education as it is stipulated in the article No.26 of the same declaration.

It stressed the need for the international community and the representatives of the UN to move regarding these crimes and not to only monitor in silence the arbitrary and criminal actions that the terrorists carry out, adding that “Idleb’s children, whom the Security Council mentions in most of its sessions during the operations of combating terrorism, now they are forgotten!”.

Baraa Ali / GH.A.Hassoun

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