Authorities seize weapons, ammo, and narcotics in southern region

Damascus Countryside, SANA – While canvassing liberated areas, the authorities uncovered large amounts of weapons, ammo, and narcotics in Damascus Countryside and the southern region.

A source told SANA that the authorities received tips on hidden weapons and ammo in Karm Rasas area in Douma farms near the Damascus-Homs International Highway, and investigation uncovered a cache hidden underground containing 40 boxes of machinegun rounds and 5 boxes of grenades.

The source said that the authorities also seized assault rifle and machinegun rounds, RPG and motar shells, Konkurs missiles, high-precision Steyr sniper rifles, and assorted assault rifles in the southern region.

In addition, the authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle around 100,000 detonators and around 538 bags of narcotics in a border area, arresting the smugglers.


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