Syria condemns behavior of thievery and banditry of US administration and Turkish regime after illegitimate infiltration of US officials into Idleb

Damascus, SANA- Syria stressed that US officials’ illegitimate infiltration into the Syrian territories in Idleb devotes the truth that the US administration considers itself to be above international law and UN charters.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA Wednesday that the illegitimate infiltration of a number of US officials into the Syrian territories in Idleb province is but a dedication of the fact that the US administration considers itself to be above the international law and the UN charters which emphasize the respect of states’ sovereignty and non-interference in their affairs.

The source added that this US move which has been made in collusion with the Turkish regime uncovers and reaffirms the devastating role of the US in supporting the Turkish aggression and complicating the situation in Syria, as well as the US efforts to cover the crimes of the terrorist groups and to prevent their complete elimination after the field victories which have been achieved by the Syrian Arab Army.

The source went on to say that the Syrian Arab Republic denounces and condemns in the strongest terms the behavior of thievery and banditry of the US administration and the Turkish regime, asserting that it isn’t surprised by the infiltration of the US officials this way after they have offered all kinds of support to the terrorist groups, including transporting them into Syria in a flagrant violation of all UN resolutions related to combating terrorism.

Hala Zain




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