Syria, China sign economic and technical cooperation agreement

Damascus, SANA- In the framework of the economic, scientific and technical cooperation between Syria and the People’s Republic of China, the two sides signed an economic and technical cooperation agreement on Wednesday according to which China will provide a grant for funding humanitarian needs in Syria

According to the agreement, which was signed at International Planning and Cooperation Commission, China will provide a grant with a value of 100 million Chinese Yuan “USD 14 million” to the Syrian Government that will be used in funding most of the humanitarian needs which will be agreed upon later by the two sides.”

Head of the International Planning and Cooperation Commission Dr. Imad Saboni said in a press statement that the grant comes in framework of a series of grants provided by the Chinese Government and it is the fifth of its kind from a year ago as the total value of the grants have reached 400 million Yuan (about USD 60 million).

Saboni noted that this grant will be used in financing various fields which are related to the response to humanitarian needs and to relive the suffering which has resulted from terrorist war and its repercussions on the Syrian people whereas the previous grants have been used for funding in the domains of health, environment and education.

For his part the Ambassador of China in Damascus Feng Biao who signed the agreement, said that it comes in the framework of the cooperation between the two governments and it affirms the depth of the bilateral relations.

The Chinese Ambassador expressed his country’s readiness to provide more support and help to the Syrian people, hoping that Syria will liberate every inch of its territories.

Najwa al-Ali/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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