Aromatic and medicinal herbs in Syria…Promising export opportunities

Damascus, SANA- Aromatic and medicinal herbs in Syria need more care about manufacturing, packaging and marketing to turn into a profitable project with the availability of additional factors like spreading some of them normally in various areas without need to big amounts of fertilizers and pesticides which mean that they need less production costs with the existence of encouraging export opportunities.

Director of Plant Production at the Ministry of Agriculture Abdul-Mo’en Qadamani said in statement to SANA that the aromatic and medicinal herbs crop in Syria is one of the profitable and alternative crops due to the low cost and the high marketing prices at the domestic and the exporting markets, so these herbs are a natural pharmacy and a national resource which support the national economy though marketing them to more than 30 countries.

Qadmani added that Syria is one of the oldest countries which has marketed the aromatic herbs for traditional medicine purposes which include various species, but the rates of their cultivation is different between one area and another.

He went on to say that the main species of herbs are cumin, nigella, aniseed and coriander in addition to minor types like Shamra, thyme, and shami rose, stressing that the ministry’s support for these types is through expanding the cultivation areas.

Qadmani noted that Daraa, Sweidaa and al-Qunaitira provinces will be added to the future plan of cultivating the Aromatic and medicinal herbs for the coming season of 2020-2021.

Baraa Ali/Mazen Eyon

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