Strict measures being taken at border crossings to detect any cases of Coronavirus

Damascus, SANA – The Health Ministry is implementing strict measures at border crossing points to monitor the health of arriving passengers and detect any suspected cases of Coronavirus given the rapid spread of the virus around the world.

Director of the Health Center at Damascus International Airport Dr. Khuzama Zreiq said that the center’s medical staff and ambulances are on full alert 24/7, and that the measures being taken include providing protective coats and masks, and measuring the temperatures of passengers using remote thermometers to prevent direct contact with the subjects, as elevated body temperature is one of the first signs of patients infected by the virus.

Meanwhile, Director of Damascus Health Department Dr. Hazar Raef said that no cases of Coronavirus have been registered in Syria as of it, and that the Ministry has a work plan for protection from this virus according to World Health Organization (WHO) criteria including preparing ICUs and quarantine rooms in hospitals, in addition coordinating the Immigration and Visa Department to stay in touch with individuals arriving from China and East Asia.

At Jdaidet Yabous broder crossing point in Damascus Countryside, a medical team takes the temperature of arrivals, and an additional medical checkpoint was set up there in addition to the existing health center, examining the vitals and respiratory system of individuals that have high body temperatures.

Hazem Sabbagh

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