Cabinet approves comprehensive economic, services, and development plan for Homs

Homs, SANA – The Cabinet on Sunday approved a comprehensive economic, services, and development plan encompassing all sectors in Homs province, with emphasis on expanding small and medium-sized projects and re-launching stalled industrial, production, and tourism facilities.

During its weekly session chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, which was held this week at the Homs Governorate building, the Cabinet approved a plan for land reclamation, irrigation projects, promoting mushroom cultivation, supporting family-centered agriculture, marketing the products made by rural women, improving the state of the livestock sector, and improving dairy production.

The Cabinet also decided to open new outlets for the Syrian Trading company in Homs, rehabilitating mills and bread production facilities, and granting an SYP 10 billion advance to Syrian Trading to provide the local market’s needs.

The Cabinet also gave instructions to reopen roads and clear debris in liberated areas, and discussed the possibility of increasing the amount of petroleum products allotted for the province.

In addition, the Cabinet approved the rehabilitation of al-Rastan and al-Sukhna substations and the 66 Palmyra-Sukhna power line, as well as installing 11 new ATMs in the province, and approving a plan for repairing schools damaged by terrorism.

The Cabinet also discussed other issues related to roads, communications, industrial areas, official mass media outlets offices, police work, housing, customs exemptions for equipment of industrial facilities.

Hazem Sabbagh

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