UN presses Israel to comply with int’l legitimacy resolutions on Syrian Golan

New York, SANA-The United Nations reiterated its call for Israel to comply with the international legitimacy resolutions, including the ones pertaining to the occupied Syrian Golan that have declared Israel’s laws and mandate null and void.

This came during a session in which the UN General Assembly’s Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization) adopted a draft resolution titled “The Syrian Golan” which has won the support of the overwhelming majority of member states.

The resolution presses Israel to revoke its decision to annex the Golan, considering all procedures and administrative measures, current or prospective, to alter the nature of the Syrian Golan and its legal status null and void and constitute a grave violation of international law.

The resolution also urges Israel to desist from imposing the Israeli nationality and ID cards on the Syrian people in Golan and to cease its repressive measures there.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari thanked the countries that voted in favor of the resolution.

“Once again, the member states send an unequivocal message to Israel, the de facto occupying force, to end its occupation of all Arab lands and refrain from violating human rights and the international humanitarian law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

Al-Jaafari considered that passing the resolution, that was put forth by 38 countries, by an overwhelming majority to be an indication that members states oppose Israel’s occupation of the Golan and its attempts to annex it.

“It is no secret that Israel’s violation of the international law is twofold: Not only did Israel occupy the Syrian Golan, but it has passed random laws to annex it in a grave, provocative move reminiscent of dark chapters that date back to the early years of World War II,” al-Jaafari added.

He indicated that Israel has become an overt sponsor of takfiri terrorism that has forced the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) forces from their positions in the occupied Golan and abducted their personnel, citing a recent report by the UN Secretary General that established Israel’s involvement with Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.

Israel’s voting against the resolution carries big connotations in which, al-Jaafari said, Israel gets across a message that it “has no truck with the international consensus, United Nations or international law.”

Manal Ismael

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