Qasad militias abduct dozens of youths, displace 15 families

Protests against Qasad militias

Hasaka, SANA – The US-backed Qasad (SDF) militias continued to abduct youths in the Syrian al-Jazeera area to force them to fight in their ranks, and displaced a number of families under false pretexts.

Local sources said Qasad patrols and checkpoints detained 23 people in Qamishli city to forcibly recruit them, and they also raided a number of houses in Hasaka city, abducting people for the same purpose.

The sources said that Qasad militias have forcibly displaced 15 families who had originally been displaced from Deir Ezzor and who had been staying in Hasaka city, forcing them to go to al Arisha camp in Hasaka’s southern countryside for not having a “sponsor” document.

Dozens of locals from Ghuwairan neighborhood in Hasaka protested Qasad’s practices, demanding that the militias leave the neighborhood and release the people they abducted.

Qasad militias also abducted one person from al-Ji’a village in Deir Ezzor, and set up temporary checkpoints in the surroundings of Raqqa city to detain youths and recruit them against their will, in addition to raiding Ein Issa camp north of Raqqa where they abducted two people.

The militias also instructed a number of teachers in the villages in the north of Raqqa province to leave their work and join the “mandatory recruitment” centers within three days, threatening those who do not do so with detainment and imprisonment.

Hazem Sabbagh

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