Protests in al-Shaddadi, southern of Hasaka, demand expulsion of US-backed QSD militias

Hasaka, SANA_ Residents of al-Shaddadi city, about 60 km southern of Hasaka, took to streets on Tuesday to protest the abusive practices and crimes of the US-backed militias of QSD (SDF) against the people, demanding the expulsion of the militant from the city.

Local sources said that the mass protests and demonstrations were accompanied by a strike of commercial activities, where traders closed their shops in support of the demonstrators demanding the expulsion of US-backed militias.

The sources pointed out that the protesters closed the main street in the city and burned tires to prevent members of the militias from entering the city to impose their unfair orders on locals by force of arms, intimidate people, loot shops and private properties and to chase young men to forcibly recruit them  in its ranks.

On Monday, armed members of QSD separatist militias executed an old man, 78, at al-Nashwah al-Gharbia neighborhood in Hasaka city.

The sources said that pushed by hatred and supported by US occupation forces,  QSD militias had handcuffed and beat the old man on his head by their weapons, leaving him bleeding to death. They also beat his wife, leaving her with serious injuries in the head.


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