Clans in Aleppo and its countryside reaffirm rejection of any scheme threatening Syria’s unity

Aleppo, SANA- Syrian clans in Aleppo province and its countryside affirmed rejection of any forum whose goals are in line with the US goals which call for dividing Syria and establishing artificial entities threatening the unity of the Syrian territories.

A statement issued by the clans in Aleppo  and its countryside said that “Members of the clans and tribes in Aleppo province and its countryside condemn and denounce the presence of the US and Turkish forces and their mercenaries and terrorist organizations in Syria,”

The statement affirmed that whoever attended the so-called “Ein Issa Forum” which had been held by the US forces, is considered a traitor to the homeland and Arabism and those who attended represent only themselves, reiterating rejection of any foreign interference in Syria’s affairs.

The statement added that the awareness and nationalism of the Syrian clans and tribes in al-Jazeera region will foil the achievement of the forum’s goals which promote the US presence in the region through consolidating certain terms which are rejected by all the Syrians and all of those terms aim at dividing Syria such as “West of the Euphrates and East of the Euphrates”.

“We consider that whoever attended the forum as a traitor to the homeland who participates in this dirty game, and we reject any foreign interference in Syria’s affairs, and the Syrian and land people will remain free and dignified,” the statement concluded.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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