Foreign Ministry: So-called Syrian clans conference in Ein Issa is a meeting of treason, treachery, and subjugation

Damascus, SANA – The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the so-called “Syrian clans conference” is a meeting of treason, treachery, and subjugation, and that those who organize such meetings do not represent any of the true, national components of Syria.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the so-called “Syrian clans conference” which was held on Friday in the city of Ein Issa, which is under the control of militias affiliated with the United States, has been a failure as most Syrian clans boycotted it.

The source said that the boycotting of clans have prompted the organizers to change the name to “meeting” instead of conference, adding “the least that could be said about it is that it is a meeting of treason, treachery, and subjugation.”

The source said that such gatherings show without any doubt the treason of its organizers regardless of their political, ethnic, or racial affiliations, and that they do not express any of the true national components of Syria, in addition to confirming that these organizers are pursuing delusions that have been proven throughout history to be impossible to realize, especially during the final years of the terrorist war, regardless of how much foreign support they receive or how much they subjugate themselves to the US or others.

The source said that these militia-like organizations will find out that accepting the dictations of the true organizers of such farces, be they the Americans or others, will bring them only shame and disgrace.

The source said that as Syria views with contempt such meetings which do not know the meaning, interests, present, or future of the homeland, it calls on thw Western states that support them or participate in them covertly or openly to commit to their claims and to adhere to the Security Council resolutions which assert the unity of Syria’s territory and people and its sovereignty and independence.

The source added that Syria also calls on all honest Syria, particularly those in the north and east of Syria, to escalate their confrontation of these underhanded attempts and all those who organize or support them.

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