Syrian expatriate presents antique gift to Damascus National Museum

Damascus, SANA- As a token of love and loyalty to the homeland, Syrian expatriate Dr. Radwan Khwatimi presented archeological door shutters made of basalt stone dating to the Byzantine reign to Damascus National Museum.

The archeological pieces were delivered during a ceremony held by the Antiquities and Museums Department.

The two archeological shutters were smuggled to Italy in the sixties of the past century and they have geometrical and  botanical ornamentations that were made through the way of protruding sculpture.

Dr. Khwatimi, during the ceremony, said that he left his homeland from 50 years ago, but he rejected to leave it throughout the terrorist war waged against it trying to alleviate the pain of his homeland Syria throughout that period as he was able to bring back these two archeological pieces to Syria.

Culture Minister Mohammad al-Ahmad underlined the importance of this initiative by Syrian expatriate Dr. Khwatimi who expresses his loyalty to the heritage and history of the homeland in a time when the Syrian heritage has been facing the most obnoxious types of destruction since the beginning of the terrorist war against Syria.

Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Bader Eddin Hassoun noted that these pieces are not only stones, but they are messages written by the ancestors to their grandchildren which affirm that we are the owners of this land, culture and values.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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