Sabbagh discusses with Boroujerdi and Al-Duleimi means of boosting relations with Iran and Iraq

Baghdad, SANA – Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hammoudeh Sabbagh discussed on Saturday with Alaeddin Boroujerdi, Chairman for the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security of the Iranian Shura Council, (Head of the Iranian delegation to conference of parliaments of Iraq’s neighboring countries) means of boosting bilateral relations between Syria and Iran..
The two sides reaffirmed need for upgrading relations between the two countries and keeping the joint coordination at all levels, particularly with regards to combating terrorism.
Boroujerdi described in a statement to SANA the US President’s declaration on the occupied Syrian Golan as “null and illegitimate”.
Moreover, during his reception of a number of Iraqi MPs at his residence in Baghdad, Sabbagh lauded the historic relations between the two countries and the unified stance of the two peoples in confronting the challenges facing the two brotherly countries.

He also stressed the importance of boosting Syrian-Iraqi relations in the fields of economy, investment and expertise exchange will enormously benefit the Syrian and Iraqi peoples, who have bravely faced terrorisms.
For their part, the Iraqi MPs voiced the victories of the Syrian Arab Army over terrorism, expressing relief over Syria’s participation in the conference of parliaments of Iraq’s neighboring countries and conviction that victories of the Syrian and Iraqi armies over terrorism have saved the world from its viciousness and atrocities.
Earlier, Sabbagh discussed with the Iraqi Minister of Planning, Nouri Al-Dulaimi means of improving the bilateral relations between Syria and Iraq.
Sabbagh stressed the importance of upgrading the bilateral cooperation in the economic sectors as well as expertise exchange and investment.
For his part, Al- Dulaimi welcomed Syria’s participation in the conference, lauding the historic relations between Syria and Iraq.
“Iraq is keen on developing the bilateral relations with brotherly Syria in all spheres for handling the challenges that are facing the region and in pursuit for reaching an economic integration,” pointing out to the importance of exchanging expertise and investment for reconstructing the two countries.
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