Eastern Ghouta after a year of Liberation from terrorism, photos

Damascus, SANA –A year has passed since the declaration of the Eastern Ghouta free of terrorism which struck the area, spreading chaos and destruction across its roads, neighborhoods and markets.

The date of 14 April, 2018 will be forever inscribed in the minds and hearts of all Syrians, particularly residents of the Eastern Ghouta where the Syrian Arab Army closed the file of this area and declared it free of terrorism.

The liberation of Eastern Ghouta, thanks to the heroic sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab army  is a major milestone in Syria’s war against terrorism and a deadly blow on its enemies whose aim is to destabilize the country and undermine its firm and principled stances.

Education Ministry, in cooperation with different bodies concerned of the local community, international organizations and NGOs,  was keen to provide rehabilitated schools with their needs of teaching cadres, stationaries, textbooks and other high-tech equipment to ensure appropriate learning environment and quick return of students to their schools.

55 schools have been rehabilitated  within the investment plan and 76 within the emergency plan in addition to the maintenance and rehabilitation of 80 schools in cooperation with international organizations.

Heavy damages were inflicted upon the educational sector in Ghouta which reached up to SYP 32.500 billion.


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