Weapons left behind by terrorists found at outskirts of Yelda, Damascus Countryside

Damascus, SANA – The army uncovered a cache of weapons and ammo left behind by terrorists at the outskirts of Yelda town in Damascus Countryside, containing American and Israeli weapons.

A field commander told SANA on Friday that while working with the authorities to comb the areas liberated by the Syrian Arab Army from terrorism, a cache of weapons was uncovered un a house at the outskirts of Yelda that had been used by terrorists as a warehouse before their defeat.

The commander said the confiscated weapons included an anti-air missile, an RBR rocket, a flamethrower, Israeli-made LAW rockets, RPG rounds, mortar launchers, US-made TOW rockets, and offensive and defensive grenades, some of them Israeli or American.

Hazem Sabbagh

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