Al-Jaafari: Constitution is sovereign affair, any political track should affirm continuation of combating terrorism

New York, SANA_ Syria ‘s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al – Jaafari said that Syria is ready to cooperate with UN special envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen to make his mission a success in facilitating the intra-Syrian dialogue, led by Syria.

Al-Jaafari, during UN Security Council’s session on the situation in Syria on Thursday, added that any political track that does not take into condensation continuing the fight against terrorism,  ending the illegal foreign presence in Syria and preserving its unity, sovereignty and independence is unrealistic.

” The parties that interfere in Syria’s internal affairs and try to impose their agendas and preconditions on the work of committee in charge of discussing the constitution are the same parties which delay the start of the committee’s work,” al-Jaafari said.

Al-Jaafari reiterated that the Syrian government is ready to directly discuss with Pedersen, during his upcoming visit to Damascus, the issues related to cooperation between the UN and Syria, including the formation of the committee on discussing the constitution and all issues related to it.

He added that the constitution and everything related to it is a mere sovereign affair decided by the Syrians, affirming that the future of Syria is decided exclusively by the Syrian people without any foreign  interference.

The Permanent Representative reiterated Syria’s demand for ending illegal presence of the US, French, British and Turkish forces  on its territory and dissolving the so-called international coalition to ensure ending the war crimes committed by it.

He added that Syria rejects the US hostile statements about keeping part of its troops on the Syrian territory, saying “Syria will deal with any foreign military presence, without its acceptance, as an aggression.”

Al-Jaafari called on supporters of terrorism to stop this support, and seeking to return the foreign terrorists, whether Europeans or others ,to their countries and bringing them to justice for the crimes they have perpetrated against the Syrian and Iraqi people.

He stressed that Syria is astonished at statements of European officials who said that the return of terrorists from Syria poses threat to their countries while ignoring what has been circulated by their governments for many years that those terrorists were “birds of peace and friends to the Syrian people.”

Al-Jaafari went on to say that inaction to get the terrorists back to their original countries and punishing them for the crimes they have perpetrated in Syria and Iraq proves the fear of some states about what will the terrorists reveal on the role of the states that sponsored them.

He called for the need to immediately lift the coercive economic measures that had catastrophic impacts on the Syrian people which affected their national economy with huge losses.

“Syria calls on all who left the homeland because of terrorism to return and contribute to rebuilding it,” al-Jaafari said, adding that the Homeland is for all.

He affirmed that the Syrian people are committed to their political independence, territorial integrity and their appreciation to the Syrian Arab army who offered sacrifices to maintain the homeland sovereignty and confront foreign interventions.

Al-Jaafari said that Syria will not allow passing agendas of the hostile countries and it is determined to restore all its territory and liberate it from terrorism and the illegitimate foreign presence.





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