Premier Khamis chairs open discussion of the Post-War Syria Development Program

Damascus, SANA – The Prime Minister’s office on Saturday organized an open discussion regarding the document of the Post-War Syria Development Program, in order to find the optimal executive formula of this program.

The discussion was chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, with the participation of most ministers and 140 figures representing unions, organizations, chambers, and establishments, in addition to experts and academic figures.

The discussion was preceded by a briefing by Director of the Planning and International Cooperation Commission Imad Sabouni regarding the project, which involves planning for the stage until 2030, detailing its themes, progress, and the 12 programs that make up its executive frameworks.

Participants called for relying on realistic data and creating a clear identity for Syrian economy as the basis for future plans and programs, stressing the need to prioritize elements that are economically feasible and to address negative points such as tax evasion.

Premier Khamis said the financial resources needed for the program would include resources from public-private partnership, loans, and local and foreign investment, noting that the program is based on the current state of all sectors in Syria.

He said that the recommendations and suggestions put forth during this discussion will be taken into account.

Hazem Sabbagh

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