Public screenings of “Amina” film kick off at Dar al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia

Lattakia, SANA _ The public screenings of the feature film “Amina ” kicked off at Dar al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia on Friday in the presence of the film director Ayman Zeidan and a number of the artists participant.

The film raises the issue of the Syrian women’s struggle and the hardships and deep suffering they faced during wartime.

The film tells the story of the patient mother “Amina”, who is facing a lot of trouble and hardships because of the circumstances of her son, who is unable to move and speak due to the injuries caused by war, and the death of her husband. She found herself alone in facing many challenges to protect her injured son, her family and her livelihood.

The two-hour film is a kind of emotional revelation mixed with a lot of pain, sadness, sacrifice, patience, hope and reflection of human relations.

Zeidan said in a statement to SANA that, like other war films produced by the General Establishment for Cinema over eight years, the film presents a painful and emotional message about the Syrian woman who became an icon of patience, and portrays the great mother figure who confronts the war by all means.

The film stars are Nadine Khoury (in the role of mother “Amina”), Lina Hourana, Kassem Mellouh, Joud Sa’id, Hazem Zeidan, Lama Baddour, and a number of Syrian artists.




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