“Motives” by Syrian Joseph al-Ahmad wins Best Short Film Award at Los Angeles Festival

Homs, SANA- “Motives” Film by Syrian young expatriate director Joseph al-Ahmad won the “Best Short Film Award” at Los Angeles Short Film Festival early this month and the award was just a part of a series of awards which he had harvested in other previous international film festivals.

Joseph is studying film directing at one of the academies which is specialized in movie making industry and film directing in Moscow.

The film is the first professional experience for al-Ahmad and it comes in a dramatic detective framework that speaks about human nature and the notion of supreme justice.

“I have always worked on making a distinguished achievement to raise the name of my country high through the movie industry which I love,” al-Ahmad said.

Al-Ahmad is eager to work in various movie domains to be able to add to the deep-rooted cultural status of his homeland Syria.

Al-Ahmad was born in 1996 and he has won several awards at international festivals such as Roma Short Films Festival.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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