Health Minister: Doubled medicine shipments to meet needs in the provinces

Damascus, SANA – Minister of Health Nizar Yazigi said that the Ministry has recently doubled the number of medicine shipments sent to health directorates in all the Syrian provinces.

Speaking at an expanded meeting of directors of health departments in the provinces, Minister Yazigi indicated that this measure came in line with the ministry’s efforts to avoid shortages in medical supplies at the public hospitals and health centers, in addition to enhancing the strategic medical stockpile and meeting first aid and emergency requirements.

He said that providing emergency services is the top priority for the Ministry in the current stage, with the focus placed on fulfilling the needs of emergency rooms and first aid departments at public hospitals to provide immediate help to those in need.

The minister noted that a number of polyclinics have been transferred into hospitals to respond to the citizens’ emergency medical conditions and needs.

In addition to that, Yazigi said, there have been doubled efforts to secure the necessary medicines and medical equipment, including those necessary for critical diseases, which are being provided by Syria’s friendly countries, noting to the continuous training programs for medical cadres.

Coupled with those efforts is the ministry’s continuous work on rehabilitating and repairing the majority of health facilities which have sustained damage due to the armed terrorist organizations’ acts, added the minister.

He stressed that with all of these efforts combined, the health sector is stable despite the unjust economic embargo imposed on Syria.

Director of Aleppo Health Department Homammed Hazzouri reviewed the state of the health sector in the province and stressed hospitals’ around-the-clock readiness to provide citizens with emergency services and treatment of chronic diseases and tumors, adding that the national vaccination campaign, which is scheduled for next Sunday, targets 240 thousand children in the province.

For his part, Daraa Health Department Director AbdulWadood al-Homsi highlighted the heavy damage caused by terrorist attacks to hospitals, health centers and ambulance vehicles in the southern province.

He noted that SYP 50 million have been allocated to rehabilitate the emergency and rescue system in the province, pointing out to the obstacles hindering the delivery of medicines and medical supplies.

Director of Idleb Health Department Obeida Qatei’ said that the national vaccination campaign will target 220 thousands children in the northern province, pointing out that citizens’ confidence in the Ministry and its medical cadres has been consolidated after the recent ugly spoiled vaccine crime committed by terrorist organizations in connivance with the Turkish government which claimed the lives of 15 children.

Rasha Raslan/Haifa Said

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