President al-Assad to Jaberi Ansari: necessity of efforts exerted by friendly countries to have a political process led by Syrians

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad received on Sunday Senior Adviser to the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari and the accompanying delegation.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the latest developments in Syria and the region.

President al-Assad appreciated the efforts exerted by Iran to reach a formation of the Committee on discussing the constitution in spite of the big obstacles put by states which support terrorism.

Jaberi Ansari, for his part, briefed President al-Assad on the preparations taken to hold a meeting for the guarantor states on Syria expected to be held during the coming two days in Geneva, particularity after agreeing on the final shape of the committee.

He affirmed Iran’s commitment to continue consultation and coordination with Damascus which showed a big amount of flexibility in order to realize a possibility for reaching that agreement.

President al-Assad also stressed the importance of efforts exerted by the friendly and allied countries of Syria, particularly Iran and Russia, to stop the interference of some western states in the political track and consolidating the establishment of  a political process led by the Syrians themselves away from any form of external intervention.

Mazen Eyon




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