Al-Sroujiya Souq…Ancient market in Damascus Old City

Damascus, SANA- Al-Sroujiya Souq (market) in Damascus was built in the Ayyubid reign, and it is distinguished by its length which reaches up to 500 meters and its arched wooden roof.

Nowadays, al-Sroujiya Souq is famous for manufacturing and selling industrial threads, umbrellas and curtains after it had been famous throughout history for selling saddles of horses and their requirements.

Al-Sroujiya is the only one of Damascus markets which had been built outside the fence in the vicinity of al-Hamidyia Souq at the center of Damascus and near the walls of the castle.

Al-Sroujiya market played a historical role in preparing the armies which defended Damascus against invasions.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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