Distinct results for Syria in 4th round of Emirates Equestrian Showjumping League

Abu Dhabi, SANA –  The 4th round of the Emirates Equestrian Showjumping League concluded on Saturday with distinctive results for Syrian equestrian riders.

Equestrian rider Lilas Kojack ranked first in the 90-cm class as she completed the course of jumps without incurring any faults within the allotted time.

Meanwhile, equestrian riders Jawad al-Sawas, Rami Gharib, Lilas Kojack, Firas Hammama, Hisham Gharib and Adnan Ahmed Brambo came in the first place in the 110-cm class competition for 4-5 years old horses.

In 120-cm class, Mohammed Farouq Omar al-Husari came in the 2nd place while the 4th place went to Firas Hammama.

Hisham Gharib took the 1st place in 125-cm class and came 4th in 140-cm.

R. Raslan/ Ghossoun

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