Syria demands finding int’l mechanism to probe into US-led Coalition’s repeated crimes

Damascus, SANA- Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Saturday that the heinous crime committed by the illegal US-led int’l coalition against civilians in Hajin town, 110 km to the east of Deir Ezzor, exposes once again the United States’ false claims of combating terrorism and demonstrates the coalition member countries’ reckless disregard for the lives of innocent people and the international laws.

This crime, the ministry added in two letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and President of the United Nations Security Council, confirms that the US goal is killing as many Syrian people as possible and inflicting further destruction on infrastructure in the context of continuing the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the coalition. In other words, it aims at undermining Syria’s future, sovereignty and territorial integrity and hindering political settlement to the crisis in the country which constitutes a blatant breach of all UNSC resolutions on Syria.

On Friday, 9 November 2018, warplanes of the US-led coalition intendedly targeted the residential neighborhoods in Hajin town with tens of sorties claiming the lives of at least 26 civilians, most of them were women and children, in addition to injuring scores and causing huge damage to the houses, said the ministry.

It pointed out the US and its allies continue to commit these crimes, meanwhile the UN Security Council maintains sinister silence towards these massacres as it has failed to take any action to put an end to those crimes.

Syria, in its previous letters, indicated that the int’l coalition’s barbaric attacks against innocent civilians have become systematic and deliberate acts using internationally-prohibited weapons of huge destructive capability such as the white phosphorus bombs.

The ministry demanded the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities through a serious and an immediate action to prevent the reoccurrence of such attacks and massacres and to take necessary measures to set an independent international mechanism to probe into these crimes, condemn them and to punish perpetrators.

R. Raslan/ Ghossoun



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