Field commander: Liberation of Sweida abductees “very precise operation” – updated

Palmyra/Homs, SANA – A field commander described the heroic military operation carried out by the Syrian army to release all people abducted by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists from Sweida province few weeks ago as “very precise.”

The military operation which took place at Humeima area, northeast of Tadmour (Palmyra), was launched depending upon accurate and reliable information on the whereabouts of women and children kidnapped by Daesh terrorists from Sweida, said the field commander, adding that the takfiri terrorists were changing the abductees’ position constantly for camouflage purposes.

He pointed out the operation resulted in the liberation of all abductees, the death of 8 terrorists, some of whom were foreigners, the arrest of one terrorists, the seizure of 3 vehicles and the destruction of some others.

The field commander confirmed that there were no losses among Syrian soldiers who carried out the operation.

On July 25, ISIS kidnapped a number of civilians, most of them women and children, following terrorist attacks that the terrorist organization mounted against villages in the province’s eastern and northern countryside and a string of suicide bombings in Sweida city that killed several civilians.

A terrorist known as “Abu Abdullah Mayadeen” who was arrested during the mission said that Daesh has among its members terrorists from Iraq, Turkey, Ingushetia, Uzbekistan, and India, and that it receives supplies from al-Tanf areas where US forces provided them via intermediaries with ammo, anti-air weapons, Kornet missiles, cars, and food.

The terrorist said that after the women and children were kidnapped from Sweida, they were transferred to Tuloul al-Safa and then to Humeima using camouflaged cars, exploiting weather conditions, and changing the abductees’ location constantly to avoid being tracked by the army.

Photos taken from the arrested terrorist’s mobile phone

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